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Recorded crime in Northern Ireland, 2001/2002
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Crime figures for BALLYMENA - (population : 59,620)
Offences Total Rate per 1,000 population Average Rate per 1,000
population in Northern Ireland
Offences against the person 785 13.2 14.2
Sexual offences 43 0.7 0.8
Burglary 610 10.2 9.3
Robbery 43 0.7 1.0
Theft 1,261 21.2 20.8
Criminal damage 1,144 19.2 21.8
Offences against the State 30 0.5 0.6
Other notifiable offences 360 6.0 5.2
Key to data
Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland 2001/02
Crown copyright

Data source:
Crime figures - Police Service of Northern Ireland
Population figures - Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

Crime figures for the Londonderry area are recorded within the Police District Command Unit of Foyle.
The crime figures are based on recorded crimes only. These include incidents reported by victims, or witnessed by the police.
The population figures are based on mid-year population estimates for 2000.
The regional crime figures featured are only broken down into the categories listed below:

  • Offences against the person - includes murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, causing death by reckless driving, grievous bodily harm, and common assault.
  • Sexual offences - includes rape, attempted rape, and indecent assault.
  • Burglary - includes burglaries from homes and other buildings and going equipped for stealing.
  • Robbery - includes robbery, armed robbery and hijacking.
  • Theft - includes handling stolen goods, theft by an employee, theft from motor vehicles, and theft of motor vehicles.
  • Criminal damage - includes arson, malicious damage offences, and threats/intent to damage property or endanger life.
  • Offences against the state - includes offences under anti-terrorist legislation in the the Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act, firearms offences, and public order offences.
  • Other notifiable offences - includes fraud and forgery, blackmail, drug offences, and dangerous driving.

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