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There is no guaranteed way to avoid being a victim of burglary - but you can make improvements to your house to minimise the risk and deter the burglar.

Most break-ins are committed by "opportunistic burglars" who act on impulse.

They want to get in and out of your home as quickly and quietly as possible - so think about making their life noisy and time-consuming.

Click on the image or the links on the left for a guide to improvements you can make that do not necessarily need to break the bank.

Please note: The information featured on this site was put together following recommendations from the Thames Valley Police.

The makeover tips are based on one particular home featured in the BBC One programme To catch a thief, so not all areas of home security are covered.

Even if you are a competent DIY enthusiast, it is recommended you consult professional advice or employ a professional to carry out the more specialist jobs.

General home security guidelines are available from your house insurer. They have minimum-security specifications, which they use to assess your premium.

Click on Internet links for information on where to go for help and advice. Further information can also be obtained from a Crime Prevention Officer at your local police station.

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