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What The Papers Say The Results
What The Papers Say held its 46th annual awards ceremony at the Cafe Royal in London on 20 December to award outstanding achievement in journalism. Watch the programme on Saturday 21 December, BBC Two at 16:35.
The shortlist
The winner
11 September, by photographer Mike Segar, copyright Reuters. Eamonn McCabe says: "It was the stand-out shot amid a sea of fairly obvious stuff."
Bali bombing, by photographer Roberto Maldonado, copyright Katz picture agency. Eamonn McCabe says: "The picture drives home the contrast between the paradise image of the island and the enormity of the carnage."
Soham newsagents, by photographer Dan Chung, copyright Reuters. Eamonn McCabe says: "Dan Chung's picture used in The Guardian conveys the incongruity of such horror in such an apparently safe setting."
Argentinian handbags, by Carl Baldwin, based on a photograph copyright Reuters. Eamonn McCabe says: "The beauty of digital manipulation, and for me the strongest image of the World Cup."
11 September
Mike Segar
Bali bombing
Roberto Maldonado
Commonwealth games, by photographer Richard Lane, copyright Sportsbeat. Eamonn McCabe says: "Rain failed to dampen spirits... This picture from Richard Lane at Sportsbeat worked so well."
Queen Mother's funeral, by photographer Alastair Grant, copyright AP. Eamonn McCabe says: "It's not easy to find humour at a funeral, but there was some to be found at the Queen Mum's."
The Queen's tears, by photographer Jeremy Selwyn, copyright The Evening Standard. Eamonn McCabe says: "Lots of people had this, but Jeremy Selwyn's version in The Mail worked best."
John Major, by photographer Richard Baker, copyright IPG/Katz. Eamonn McCabe says: "The award for picture archaeology has to go to IPG/Katz for this cracker, which did the rounds."
Commonwealth games
Richard Lane
The Queen's tears
Jeremy Selwyn
John Major
Richard Baker
Click on an image to enlarge it and read award-winning photographer Eamonn McCabe's comments taken from his fuller review during the programme.
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