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Hugo Casales
Juan Alvarado
Ivan Yakovlev
Sa Law
Comrade Grace
Albert Minasyan
Zaza Geladze
Major Luis Ospina
Mousa Ibragim Osman
Jimmy Katumba
Eliana Gonzales
Shushila Magar
Chong-Cha Lee
Ahmed Zia
Our modern world at war

Every minute, two people are killed in conflicts around the world. Often we know very little about the people who are fighting and dying. One Day of War follows individual fighters in 16 of these wars, over the same 24-hour period.

Each film was made on 22 March 2004. The video producers followed their chosen, or given, "character" throughout this period, capturing a snapshot of their everyday lives.

We gain an insight into their reasons for fighting and their hopes for the future, as well as intimate portraits of the fear, excitement, and often banality of life in a war.

All 16 characters have a story to tell. They are all fighting in different types of conflict in disparate regions.

The day of filming sees them experience challenging terrain, conditions and emotions.

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