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The Day Britain stopped: Full coverage
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Steam train
1911 sees the first general rail strike
1889 The Regulation of Railways Act insists passenger trains are fitted with automatic brakes after 80 people die in a crash at Armagh. Several carriages had become unhooked on a steep gradient and rolled back down into the path of an oncoming train.

1900 There are about 15,195 miles of railway routes in Britain.

1902 Automatic signalling makes its first appearance between Andover and Grately.

1910 There are about 16,148 miles of railway routes in Britain.

1911 The first general rail strike in Britain is called. Two workers are shot dead in Llanelli as the army is called in to restore order.

1915 227 people are killed when a military train collides with a passenger train at Gretna Green. Most are killed by a fire that swept through the gas-lit wooden troop train. It is Britain's worst ever rail disaster.


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