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Passengers at Terminal 4
Over 50m passengers use Heathrow in 1995
1991 The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 95,770,000 (DfT) with 40.2 million flying in or out of Heathrow (CAA).

Work starts on the new Air Traffic Control Centre in Swanwick, Hants that is to take over civilian flight control for the south east from West Drayton.

1992 The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 106,123,000 (DfT)

1993 A planning application for Terminal 5 at Heathrow is submitted.

1994 The IRA launch a mortar attack on Heathrow, narrowly missing aircraft and damaging the roof of Terminal 4.

1995 The planning inquiry into the proposed Terminal 5 at Heathrow begins on 16 May. The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 129,369,000 (DfT) with 54.1 million passengers using Heathrow (CAA).

1996 The Queen opens the refurbished Terminal 2, originally the Europa Building, during the airport's 50th anniversary.

1997 On 27 August a British Airways 757 that is taking-off misses a landing Virgin Express 737 by just 800ft at an altitude of 2,400ft above the airport.

A subsequent Air Accidents Investigation Branch inquiry suggests the primary reason for the near accident is a breakdown in communication between the arrivals and departures controllers, the latter was being supervised by a mentor.

However, Heathrow's missed approach procedures are tweaked to reinforce the need for co-ordination between controllers before instructions are given to pilots. Modifications are also made to controllers' radar screens.

The new Labour government says it will privatise Nats and separate it from the CAA.

1999 The Heathrow Terminal 5 planning inquiry ends after 525 days. It is the longest planning inquiry ever in Britain.

Nearly 5,000 documents, 80,000 pages, 30 million words of evidence including 500 proofs of evidence are produced. Some 700 individuals, including 400 members of the public and 25 MPs or MEPs give evidence to the inquiry.

35,000 people register support and 21,000 oppose the terminal, some of whom fear that more air traffic will increase the likelihood of an accident.

The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 168,363,000 (DfT) with 61.9 million flying in or out of Heathrow (CAA).


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