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Air traffic controllers handle a million flights in London in 1987
1980 The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 57,823,000 (DfT) with 27 million flying from/to Heathrow. (CAA)

1983 On 26 November six armed robbers steal gold ingots worth 26m from a high security Brink's Mat warehouse at Heathrow. Some of the gang are later jailed, but none of the gold, from the UK's biggest armed robbery, is recovered.

1986 Terminal 4 is opened by Prince Charles at Heathrow. The terminal had to be opened to cope with overcrowding at other terminals caused by the emergence of more airlines and budget no-frills flights.

Approximately 14 million passengers now pass through Terminal 4 every year.

1987 BAA is floated on the Stock exchange, becoming a private company.

London City Airport is opened.

Air traffic controllers handle a million flights in the London area for the first time.


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