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Concorde taking-off
Concorde passengers break the sound barrier in 1976
1970 The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 31,606,000 (DfT) with 15.4 million of them using Heathrow (CAA)

1972 The CAA is formed with responsibility for safety and the development of airspace regulation.

1976 Concorde makes its maiden commercial flight on 21 January from Heathrow to Bahrain. The first Concorde flight from Heathrow to New York flies out on 22 November, taking three and a half hours - half the time of a conventional jet.

Heathrow overtakes the Port of London as Britain's busiest port in terms of the value of goods carried.

1977 The Laker Skytrain service, operating out of Gatwick to New York, wins a six-year legal battle to offer transatlantic budget berths for 118 return, about a third of the price of a standard economy ticket on other airlines.

The first flight takes off on 26 September and other airlines cut their fares in response.


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