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Freddie Laker
Freddie Laker launches his first budget service

Terminal 3
Heathrow's Oceanic Building becomes Terminal 3
1960 The number of passengers flying in British airspace is 10,075,000 (DfT) with 5.27 million using Heathrow (CAA)

1961 The Oceanic Building opens at Heathrow for long haul flights. It later becomes Terminal 3.

1966 The British Airports Authority is formed to own and operate Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Prestwick airports.

Freddie Laker launches his budget service called Laker Airways, operating out of Gatwick.

1967 Stansted is designated London's third airport.

1969 Terminal 1 is opened at Heathrow. (It is now Heathrow's busiest terminal, handling 24 million passengers a year and home to 14 airlines). The existing Europa and Oceanic buildings are later renamed Terminals 2 and 3.

The opening marked the beginning of a 30m investment programme that saw Terminal 3 extended and runways lengthened from 9,000ft to 12,000ft to accommodate the new Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets. The car parks are also expanded and bus and underground stations follow later.


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