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Aircraft designer Geoffrey de Havilland
Geoffrey de Havilland designed the world's first turbojet aircraft
1950 London Radar becomes operational at Heathrow.

The total number of passengers who use British airspace is 2,133,000 (Department for Transport - DfT) with 386,000 passengers using Heathrow (Civil Aviation Authority - CAA).

1952 BOAC flies the world's first turbojet airliner, the de Havilland Comet 1, on its first scheduled flight from Heathrow to Johannesburg via Rome, Beirut, Khartoum, Entebbe and Livingstone.

The journey, carrying 33 passengers, is completed in just less than 24 hours.

Trips to Colombo (22.5 hours), Singapore (25 hours) and Tokyo (33 hours) cut journey times by up to 60%.

1955 The Europa building is opened at Heathrow airport for short haul flights. It later became Terminal 2.

1957 Croydon Airport, lacking the infrastructure to keep up with the demands of modern aircraft, closes on 30 September.

1958 A redeveloped Gatwick is opened as London's second airport.


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