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Life Swap

Would you swap your daily routine for somebody else's? Would you fancy finding out if the grass really is greener on the other side?

How often have you seen the same face as you go about your daily business and wondered, "who is that person? What do they do?"

Floristry is the kind of job where you really need an eye for colour, a lot of imagination and an artistic bent.

But is it the kind of job you'd traditionally expect to see a builder doing?

Well, cast your prejudices aside, because in our last week's Life Swap a builder spent some time amongst the blooms, while a florist swapped the rose clippers for a drill to get down and dirty in a high rise block.

First, we met Des the builder and Usara the florist, as they were introduced ahead of their week of reckoning.

The next day, we saw Des down tools to try his hand at assembling a bouquet of flowers. And it wasn't a bed of roses!

Colours, foliage, wrapping and bows were all to be considered. And who would pay for it? Well, he gave it away to his wife.

Finally, we watched Usara demonstrate her knack for refurbishment, tackling a flat in need of a serious makeover.

Getting down among the grit and grime, really wasn't her thing.

Usara didn't like the spiders or dirt, and managed to get away from it all by getting the others to join her for regular tea breaks!

About Life Swap

Fancy seeing how the other half lives?

Life Swap gave our participants the chance to answer that question. We found out how they coped with a completely new routine. Primarily work-based, we did see how the volunteers coped with different aspects of someone else's life.

At the beginning of each week, we introduced two people who had seen each other, or had come into contact with each other on a casual basis regularly, and wanted to "swap lives".

Their life swap took place during the week, and at the end of their new lives, some of them even joined us on the sofa in the studio, to update Nicki and Robert on just how hard it was!

Presented by Denise Mahoney, from the Six O'Clock News, we saw a range of people swapping lives for a day and stepping into each otherís shoes.

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