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Euro test

This test contains 25 questions to gauge your attitude towards Europe.

There are four sections: Euro People, Euro Politics, Euro Leisure and Euro Work.

After taking the test you will be told which category you fall into.

Euro People

1. Which of the following do you feel are our best friends in Europe?

Don't Know

2. How do you sum up your attitude to Germany?

Best beer in the world
Vorsprung Durch Technik
Beach towels on sun beds
Two World Wars and one World Cup
Don't Know

3. Do you perceive Europe to be...

Mainly Christian
Mainly Muslim
Mainly atheistic
Don't Know

4. When watching the news stories about the EU would you say you are...

Very interested
Quite interested
Not really interested
Tend to switch off when the EU is mentioned
Don't Know

5. Thinking about former Communist countries, like Poland and the Czech Republic, are they now...?

Part of Europe
Linked to Europe but not part of it
Not really part of Europe
Separate to Europe
Don't Know

6. Which of the following best describes your position? We are all Europeans...

There are no differences between us
But some differences remain between us
But there are significant differences between us
But we have little, if anything, in common with each other
Don't Know

7. Which of these European countries do you think dislike the British most?

Don't Know

Euro Politics

8. What can the countries of Europe teach us in Britain about democracy?

A lot
Quite a lot
Not very much
Nothing at all
Don't Know

9. The intentions of people in mainland Europe towards Britain...

Can never be trusted
Can be trusted sometimes but not often
Can be trusted most of the time
Can always or almost always be trusted
Don't Know

10. Going forward, the EU is heading in...

Exactly the right direction
Generally the right direction
Generally the wrong direction
Completely the wrong direction
Don't Know

11. Thinking about possible wars in Europe - do you think the existence of the EU and its political institutions make war in Europe...

A lot less likely
A little less likely
A little more likely
A lot more likely
Don't Know

12. At present the EU is...

Almost completely run to the tune of the French and Germans
It is mainly run to the tune of the French and Germans
A more equal partnership between member states
The French and Germans have less say in the way the EU is run than other countries
Don't Know

13. How long do you think it will be before there is one European defence force?

Within 5 years
Within 10 years
Longer than 10 years but there will be one
Don't Know

14. Looking ahead we should...

Integrate fully with other EU countries
Not integrate further but stay as we are
Have a trade agreement with other EU Countries but that's it
Leave the EU
Don't Know

15. If there were to be another conflict and the EU and NATO disagree about how to deal with it do you think Britain should...

Stand with the EU
Stand with NATO
Stand alone
Stay out of it
Don't Know

16. In your mind, Britain is...

Separate from Europe
Somewhat detached from Europe
Attached to Europe but not firmly
Part of Europe
Don't Know

Euro Leisure

17. On holiday in Europe which would you prefer?

I would be most happy on holiday with other Brits
I like a mix but mainly prefer to be around other Brits
I would like a mix but would prefer to be with other Europeans and not Brits
I would prefer to avoid other Brits
Don't Know

18. When watching a foreign film...

I prefer it in its original form - no subtitles
I prefer it WITH subtitles
I prefer it dubbed into English
I would NEVER watch a foreign film
Don't Know

19. The UK's biggest cultural contribution to Europe has been our...

Don't Know

20. The European lifestyle is best summed up as...

Opera and art galleries
Sport and music
Fashion and film
Kebabs and the Crazy Frog
Don't Know

Euro Work

21. If you were looking for a new job would you:

Actively look for a job in Europe
Consider a job in Europe positively
Think about working in Europe but would not be that keen
Definitely rule out working elsewhere in Europe
Don't Know

22. On the Euro do you think we should...

Adopt it in place of the Pound as soon as possible
Keep our options open and probably adopt the Euro at some point
Keep our options open but probably not adopt the euro for the foreseeable future
Decide to keep the Pound and rule the Euro completely
Don't Know

23. Newly emerging economies such as India and China make it important that we...

Make ourselves completely independent of the EU
Distance ourselves a little from the EU
Look to integrate more with the EU
Integrate completely with the EU
Don't Know

24. If you were to visit another country in Europe for an extended stay do you think you would...

Make sure you could speak the language
Learn enough of the new language to get by
Give the language a try but probably give up
Hope to get by in English
Don't Know

25. Being part of Europe makes...

It easier to work across the EU
Me think about working elsewhere
No difference to job opportunities
It easier for Europeans to take our jobs
Don't Know



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