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Gaza Strip: Key places

Click on the map to explore some of the key locations in Gaza as the Israeli authorities prepare to move settlers out.
Gaza City residents shop at a market Clickable map
Gaza City
Gaza City is the biggest city in the Gaza Strip, with about 400,000 inhabitants. Life here is tough with widespread poverty and unemployment.

The city is the commercial and administrative centre of the strip, and home to the Gaza headquarters of the Palestinian Authority, police and security forces.

It has come under attack from Israeli F-16s and helicopters during the intifada. Several key militant leaders have been assassinated by Israel in the city.

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Territory enclosed by Israeli security fence
Population density averages more than 3,500/sq km
Pop. growth rate - 3.8%; Life expectancy - 71
Unemployment put at 41.3% in 2004
66% of Gazans live below UN-defined poverty line
Over 28,000 made homeless by Israeli army since 2000


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