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British control
Israel founded
Six-Day War
Before 1967 & now
West Bank:
Autonomy & population
West Bank:
Settlements & checkpoints
Population and security
West Bank: Palestinian-controlled areas
Since the 1993 Declaration of Principles resulting from the Oslo peace process, there have been several handovers of land to differing degrees of Palestinian control. Currently 59% of the West Bank is officially under Israeli civil and security control. Another 23% of it is under Palestinian civil control, but Israeli security control. The remainder of the territory is governed by the Palestinian National Authority - although such areas have been subject to Israeli incursions during the recent intifada.
West Bank: Population centres
The areas of Palestinian Authority control are mainly located in Palestinian urban areas the population centres where much of the fast-growing population lives. These take up about 8.5% of the West Bank. About 2.3 million Palestinians live in the West Bank, together with about 400,000 Israeli settlers - including those who live in East Jerusalem. About 6.7 million people live in Israel, of whom about 1.3 million are Israeli Arabs.


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