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On Thursday 17 January, Iraq launched its first Scud missile strikes on Tel Aviv and Haifa in Israel.

Another Scud fired at US forces in Saudi Arabia was shot down by a US Patriot missile the first of many mid-air interceptions.

Israel said it would not be drawn into retaliation, relying instead on batteries of US Patriot missiles hastily stationed on its territory.

A frenzied US mission to track down and destroy an unknown number of mobile Scud launchers in Iraq began as more missiles were fired at the two countries.

The most devastating attack was on 25 February, during the ground war, when a Scud struck a building at Dhahran US base in Saudi Arabia, killing 28 US military personnel.

In total, 39 Scud missiles were fired into Israel, causing damage but few casualties.

A single soldier inspects the damage after an Iraqi scud missile hit the US base at Dhahran in Saudi Arabia
28 died when a Scud struck Dhahran

"One residential block was utterly destroyed"
The BBC's Carol Walker reports from Tel Aviv


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