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After Saddam: Full coverage

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Last updated 1500GMT 10 April
Baghdad operations:

  • American forces in Baghdad continue to meet fierce resistance, despite appearing to control large parts of the city.
  • US aircraft have attacked non-Iraqi Arab forces and remnants of Iraqi forces loyal to Saddam Hussein in the western Mansour district of Baghdad
  • Heavy fighting took place earlier on Thursday near the al-Azimiyah Palace close to a mosque where Saddam Hussein was rumoured to be hiding. US marines are reported to have searched the building and tunnels running underneath it
  • Looting has continued, with people ransacking buildings and taking away anything they can carry. The German embassy, the French cultural centre, a bank and the offices of Iraqi Airways have all be overrun
  • Residents say supplies of food are running out, petrol is not available, and prices have rocketed. There have also been widespread power cuts

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