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Curtis Smith
The US deployments in the Gulf are on track. We have given everyone all the chances they need. The difficulty is proving what Iraq has done to everyone's satisfaction. But basically we will have to move because nothing has changed since Saddam came to power.

June Silvester
We have to get rid of terrorism. We support the president, who is trying to do what's right and is a man of God.

Lawrence Miggins
We need to take more time over Iraq. North Korea is a bigger threat. I think a war would basically be a distraction from the problems of the economy, which has more and more difficulties every day.

Rebecca Michaels
I feel we are being pushed into a war, the consequences of which have not been thought out. I am afraid if we continue on our current course we might have World War III, with nuclear weapons being used. I wish all religions could live in peace with each other.

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