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Tel Aviv

Yoav Godener
I believe a war on Iraq is justified. Saddam Hussein is evil and he needs to be removed. We have to ensure a better world for our kids to grow up in and for that to happen we have to take responsibility and remove dangers.

I assume the Americans know what they are saying, and I was convinced by Washington's evidence against Iraq. In the past we had bad experiences with Saddam and his lies. We are lucky to have the US and Bush to help us with this issue.

Asi Meron
I believe a war against Iraq is justified because they still have biological and chemical weapons which are a threat to Israel and the world.

I don't feel that Washington's evidence against Iraq was very convincing. Still, as an Israeli I don't trust Saddam. He is always trying to avoid the UN and never tells the truth.

I don't feel the US should go to war alone. It should continue working on getting the support of the UN and then act.

Michael Ben-Yehuda
I feel the US should go to war as Iraq is a danger in many ways. Saddam is hiding a great deal of arms. Why would he have them if not to use them?

I didn't think that Colin Powell's speech to the UN Security Council was very convincing. I expected to see much more proof. I'm sure Saddam does have weapons of mass destruction but we need to see better evidence if the UN is to support a war.

The US should go ahead with the war and disarm Saddam, even if it doesn't have UN support. Saddam is a threat to humanity, he is a dictator and his people are suffering.

Adi Zu-Erretz
A war on Iraq is justified if there is proof that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction - and from what I hear from the US there is proof. I trust the Americans and the UK more then I trust Iraq. That's why I feel that this war is justified.

We shouldn't ignore a person like Saddam Hussein. He has a habit of collecting weapons of mass destruction, and why? I don't think he's collecting them for a museum. I have a lot of respect for Colin Powell - he's extremely high-ranking and reliable and I believe him.

America is the biggest and strongest country in the world. It can go to war alone even if there are differing opinions within the UN. The US is a democracy not a dictatorship so I believe it will do the right thing.

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