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Sao Paulo

Elina Rosa
I don't think it is necessary for Bush to attack Saddam. There are other ways to resolve this. There should be more discussion with other countries and with the US people, not all of whom agree with the war.

The United Nations should widen the debate as well. This should not just be a decision of the richer countries. It should reflect opinion in the rest of the world.

Bush is just using the weapons of mass destruction as a way of trying to convince the rest of the world that it is right to attack Iraq. He wants to attack Iraq more for economic reasons than humanitarian.

For Brazil the fear of the war is already affecting the economy. And what affects Brazil will affect everyone one of us. Bush should think more - he should be more human.

Gilberto Santana
Iraq is a dictatorship - where everyone is under the dominion of Saddam Hussein. I think that until they get rid of him Iraq is going to remain backward, with war after war. But the United States is wrong in going to war.

The ones who should overthrow Saddam Hussein are the Iraqis themselves. This could affect Brazil economically but Brazil won't get involved. Brazilians like love not war.

Mariel Ortiz
The reason for the war is above all economic - to win the oil in the Middle East. But we are in the 21st Century. Everyone knows that a war at this time could destroy the world. So instead of using all that technology for war - they should use it to end hunger in the world. It would be more useful.

I think they are planting much of the evidence. Maybe Saddam Hussein does have some weapons which he is hiding - but I don't think it is as much as they say. And anyway that is no justification for a war. This should be resolved through talking.

The United States is the world's leading economy. But at the moment the UN is not supporting Bush. If they change their minds I would be disgusted with them. Bush should be less egotistical and think in the rest of the world. We should start a movement in the rest of the world to stop the United States.

Elio Carelli
There is no way that the United States should attack Iraq. War is always absurd. It kills many innocent people and it causes problems for countries everywhere. I will never support war. Bush is a reactionary - he's dangerous. He is determined to have a war because Iraq has the second biggest oil reserve in the world and he wants access to that.

The US has to prove that Saddam Hussein has illegal weapons. And anyway he is not attacking them - so war is not justified. We all know that the United States wants to dominate the world.

This will bring serious consequences for Brazil's economy. It will affect all of us because the economy will weaken and we will have to survive with less. Our currency is not worth anything now.

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