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Maxim Igorov
To start an attack on Iraq now would be illogical. As far as I know they have not found anything to form a basis for this. If they were to extend this principle, they could attack any country in the world.

Maybe something has been hidden by Iraq but as nothing has been found, I cannot say I am at all convinced. That said, Iraq could be more helpful in agreeing to increase the number of weapons inspectors for example.

I think the US must be capable of mounting an attack alone, but if it were to do so it would cause a great rift between itself and others.

I don't think a war will actually happen. Nothing could ever convince me that war, and the death that inevitably ensues, could be good. It does seem to me that the US has forgotten this inevitable consequence of war.

I don't think the US should go it alone. I believe that the less war the better, no matter what the circumstances. The West and everyone else should try and resolve the conflict via peaceful means.

Ira (left)
War isn't justified at all. We are completely against any war but especially this war of Bush's in Iraq. They haven't found any definite proof of illegal weapons in Iraq.

I am in no way convinced. I'm sure that this is a war being fought with a hidden agenda - that it's really a fight about oil and gas.

Under no circumstances should the US attack Iraq, but I don't think the US will care very much about UN support.

Lena (right)
The west should try and make the US resort to peaceful means of resolving the conflict, and leave the US in no doubt of its opposition.

Bush is trying to manipulate the situation to his own ends. Nothing good ever comes from war. It seems we learn nothing from history. Talking of history, I think that if Bush goes through with this, he'll be just as bad as Hitler. After all, it seems he's just as willing to sacrifice life.

I think they do care about world opinion somewhat, or they would have attacked already. But this is probably a token gesture, as they seem determined to attack. Yes, I think we should stand up to the US, and we should not be divided about this issue.

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