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Rotondwa Ragimana
I don't think war is justified. It will leave a lot of damage in the country. The people are the ones who are going to suffer a lot.

I don't know if whatever the US is presenting is correct, but from their point of view I think they're sure of what they're talking about. But if Saddam has got the weapons of mass destruction, it will be better for him to surrender or to just allow the UN to do the job properly with no interference.

Without UN backing, the United States are on their own, which would mean that they don't respect the UN and that they don't respect anyone in this world. If they can just listen for once to the UN and get some advice from the UN then they can act.

Patience will allow the UN to do their job properly.

Betty Sekgobela
War is just going to harm a lot of people that don't need this fight against them. They've had more than enough already.

I think Saddam should cooperate with the system. I think everything of his should be checked if they do suspect that he might have extra weapons or things like that.

Everything should just be done in a proper manner. They're putting too much pressure on the Iraqis.

Charles Manaka
I don't think war is in any way justified. The only way we can dispose of those arms in Iraq is through utilisation of international bodies like the United Nations.

The United Nations has to back military action or be the one to legitimise it and dispose of any arms in Iraq - not the United States alone.

Marilyn McLaren
An attack is not justified at all. I don't think that they have got the evidence because if they had they should make it known to the world.

It's America's war and no-one else's war. I don't think it's fair to involve other countries. They should be alone, fight alone and die alone.

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