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Michel Nasser
I don't think any war is justified and I don't think attacking Iraq is the solution. If it happens it could create chaos in the Arab world.

I wasn't really convinced by Colin Powell's presentation to the UN Security Council. I would like the evidence to be investigated to see if it's really true.

I think a peaceful solution for Iraq is best for everybody. Iraq should be placed under UN control until it's clear that it doesn't have weapons of mass destruction.

If the Iraqis are delaying I think the weapons inspectors should be given all the time they need. They can wait and impose more sanctions against Iraq until Saddam complies completely.

Faris Bandak
America just wants Iraq's oil and the evidence Powell presented to the UN Security Council could be fabricated by any Hollywood movie producer. Everyone I've spoken to thinks it was nonsense.

I don't think Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Even if he had chemical weapons at some stage they would have passed their expiry date by now after 12 years of sanctions.

If the US wants support from people in this region they should help resolve the Palestinian issue. War will not bring harmony to this region. It'll only bring more poverty and hatred.

I think war is inevitable now. America and Britain have already decided to attack Iraq, with or without another UN resolution.

Carol Sansour
If the US and Britain decide to go to war with Iraq it would be totally unjustified. There are other places in the world where there's a need to intervene but nothing is happening. It is double standards.

I'm not pro-Saddam but I don't see Iraq as the only threat to the world. As a Palestinian, Israel is a bigger threat to me and to the Arab world.

The US tried hard to give the impression to the world that it was going to deliver overwhelming evidence, but all we saw was a few sketches and recordings.

America is the real superpower. We've already seen many UN resolutions which Europe tried to change or stop but when push came to shove America pulled strings and got its way.

America has invested so much in this war and needs to maintain its image as a superpower. It can't back out now. The war is about America's strategic interests in the Middle East.

Andre Dabdoub
A war against Iraq can't be justified under any circumstances. Iraq isn't the only country that has violated human rights and UN resolutions so why is it being targeted?

Ever since I can remember America has been against countries where there's oil and other benefits for them. If Iraq didn't have oil the west wouldn't care less. I doubt Iraq has even 1% of the weapons America claims it has and I doubt there's a link between Saddam and al-Qaeda.

The US has clearly stated that regardless of UN backing they're going to wage war. A second UN resolution would be as meaningless as a third or even a tenth resolution. It would only give the US more time to prepare its military forces in the Middle East and to refine its war strategy.

America claims that Saddam is a dictator and there's no democracy in Iraq but they don't say the same about Egypt, Jordan, Syria or Saudi Arabia. All Arab countries are dictatorships, like it or not, so why is Iraq being singled out?

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