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Steven Wang
I think it's wrong for the US to attack Iraq. So many people will die.

The right thing to do is to sit down and talk and try to find a compromise.

Perhaps they could set up some friendship pact to provide oil to the US instead.

Having nuclear weapons and supporting terrorism is just a way for Iraq to show its dissatisfaction with the inequality of the international situation.

Bai Yupeng
It's wrong to attack Iraq now. The US should wait for the results of the UN inspections.

Even if Iraq does have weapons of mass destruction, there is no proof yet.

Mrs. Sun
If Iraq supports terrorism, then it's alright for the US to attack them, but that's not yet clear.

Chinese people don't support war and the number of countries in the world that support war is very small.

Germany and France don't support it, the US should listen to them. And what will happen once the war is over?

Wang Shuo
Who has the right to decide which countries are allowed to have nuclear weapons and which can't?

That is not a reason to go to war.

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