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Hossam Mohammed
There is no justification for the threats of the American administration against us. They're trying to fabricate a justification. But we are strong people, we've got an old civilisation, and we're united around our leader Saddam Hussein.

We wish that the US administration would change its policies towards us. They should know that they can't browbeat third world countries just like that. It is clearly a US campaign against third world countries.

Osama Bin Laden has a just cause, he refuses oppression but the US tries to distort his image.

Ajeel Mohammed
We're used to the threats by the Americans, it's been going on for years, but we hope nothing will happen.

We are in our right, and anyone who is in his right, will win.

We have stocked up on food, because of the tension. We have enough food for a year.

Khaled Adeel
The American threats don't bother us. We're all fine and we don't care about what the Americans say. We're not afraid of the war. If the Americans come here, they'll be taught a lesson.

We'll all fight, women, children and the old. We have nothing to do with al-Qaeda - this is all fabrication. We're ready for war, we all help each other, if only one home in a neighbourhood has food, then the whole neighbourhood has food.

Nisreen Ghaydan
We hope to be victorious thanks to our president, Saddam Hussein. We're strong because of him.

The threats of the US only make us stronger. We all live in peace together - Kurds, Arabs - we all live in peace.

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