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1967 Middle East War

Israeli troops continue their advance into the Sinai and in Jerusalem they take a key position after heavy fighting

IAF jets provide air support for advancing ground troops in the Sinai, at Umm Katef, and the Gaza Strip.

Israel's 55th Parachute Brigade is diverted from the Sinai front to bolster defences against the Jordanian army around Jerusalem.

There is fierce fighting between Israeli and Jordanian troops at Ammunition Hill in the northern part of East Jerusalem, which is eventually taken by the Israelis. The fighting leaves 106 Jordanians and 37 Israelis dead.

Syria launches its only ground offensive of the war, shelling frontier settlements before attacking with ground forces. The offensive is halted by the settlements' militia and finished off by Israeli jets.

Egyptian Field Marshal Abd al-Hakim Amer orders a general retreat, telling his army to dump its heavy weapons and retreat to the Suez Canal. The move leads to the death or capture of thousands of its soldiers.

By nightfall IDF forces have taken control of Gaza from Egypt and Hebron and Bethlehem from Jordan.

The UN Security Council meets in emergency session. The US offers a ceasefire plus a return to the pre-war positions which is rejected by the USSR.


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