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Key facts: The Falklands War

Seven weeks after the Argentines invaded, the first major British troop landing began at San Carlos on 21 May. The plan was to launch attacks from there on Goose Green and Stanley.

The battle for Goose Green lasted a day and night and was fiercely fought, with many dead. British troops were hugely outnumbered but ultimately successful.

Victory meant British forces were clear to break out of San Carlos and begin the long march east towards Stanley. Carrying 120lb packs on their backs, the troops fought their way across the peat bogs of East Falkland before mounting their final attack on the last line of Argentine defence, the high ground around Stanley.

With their defences breached, the Argentines surrendered. On 14 June troops marched into Stanley and the town was liberated.

Argentine outpost raided 15 May, battle for islands starts 21 May at San Carlos, ends 14 June at Stanley


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