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Key facts: The Falklands War

The battle for the Falklands began with the declaration of a 200-mile exclusion zone around the islands.

The UK task force had 28,000 troops and over 100 ships, in total. Argentina had 12,000 mainly conscripted soldiers on the Falklands and about 40 vessels. Its superior air power was limited by the islands' remoteness.

South Georgia was re-taken on 25 April and on 1 May the RAF launched its first aerial assault, on Stanley's airport.

The first major loss of life came on 2 May with the sinking of the Argentine cruiser, General Belgrano, and the loss of 368 crew. Two days later, the British destroyer, HMS Sheffield, was hit by an Exocet missile and sank with the loss of 20 crew.

UK task force sails 5-6 April, arrives 21-22 April - 200-mile exclusion zone in place


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