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UK fertiliser bomb plot
Fertiliser bought Nov 2003, surveillance starts Feb 2004

Van from Crawley, fertiliser from Burgess Hill, storage in Hanwell
Police surveillance in Slough, Crawley, Uxbridge and Hanwell
Detonator image viewed in Slough and key meeting in Crawley
Ministry of Sound and Bluewater possible targets
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With many suspects back in the UK, the bomb plot started to take shape. Some 600kg of ammonium nitrate fertiliser was bought to use as an explosive and put in storage, in Hanwell, West London.

But by February 2004, police and security services were watching gang members and had removed the fertiliser.

When Khawaja visited from Canada to discuss detonators, he was collected by Khyam in a bugged car. A meeting he attended was also watched.

The plotters were also heard discussing possible targets and finalising their plans.


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