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ITV has been celebrating its 50th birthday. Click on the tabs to see its programmes for 23 September through the years.
Friday 23 September 1955

ITV's second day of broadcasting - shown in London only - began with a test card and Morning Magazine, "a special feature for women". With broadcast hours tightly controlled, afternoon programming was minimal, with the "toddlers' truce" - no TV between 6pm and 7pm - still in force until 1957.

Evening viewing began at 7pm with a time signal.

7.00 Time, News and Weather.

7.15 The World On Wheels
"The RAC presents an up-to-the-minute magazine of topics to interest the motorist and his wife."

7.20 Friday's Girl
The TV Times called this an "unsophisticated, informal programme", featuring singer Sheila Matthews and "Malcolm Lockyer and his Music". Matthews sung three songs of varying types - "bright, point, and ballad" - for the entertainment of the viewing public.

7.30 Sports Club
"The most exclusive club in television," TV Times boasted, featuring snooker star Joe Davis demonstrating shots.

8.00 Take Your Pick
The first UK game show to give away a cash prize. If contestants could get through quizmaster Michael Miles' "yes/no" quiz, they then had to answer three questions correctly. If they did that, they got to choose a key to one of 10 boxes, which could contain a prize, or a booby prize. Miles would try to buy the keys from them, offering increasing amounts of money. The show ran until 1968, before being revived in the 1990s.

8.30 Dragnet
The US cop show was one of the early ITV's big draws.

9.00 Confidentially
"Reg Dixon in a light-hearted half-hour", with guests.

9.30 Round The World With Orson Welles
A travelogue fronted by Welles, who the TV Times told viewers was "a great cosmopolitan".

10.00 News and Newsreel
"Newsreel brings to the screen outstanding events".

10.15 Visitor of the Day
"Personalities face the television cameras".

10.20 Out of Town
A series about country matters, tonight featuring "how radio-active materials are being used to help farmers".

10.50 And So To Bed
Previews of programmes to come.

11.00 Epilogue and closedown.

Joe Davis

7.30: Snooker star Joe Davis shows off his skills
Orson Welles

9.30: Actor and director Orson Welles presents a travelogue


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