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Aged 26, Poland
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Aged 27, Poland
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From Vilnius, Lithuania


Marta Skladanek, aged 27, is a bank clerk in Warsaw.

What will your country contribute to the EU?

Poland has many unspoilt rural areas, which are good for farming and for leisure.

What is your biggest hope?

I hope for a better future for my five-year-old son. Perhaps in 15 years Poland will be getting over its financial and social problems.

What is your biggest fear?

I fear that Polish workers will not get access to the EU labour markets, and that Polish farmers may face difficulties.

Which countries in Europe have you visited?

I have not been abroad since I was a child, but I hear from my friends about Italy and the Netherlands, which they visit regularly.

What do you admire about the existing EU?

I like the idea of nations coming together, but retaining their cultural differences, developed over many centuries.

Will you consider emigrating?

I could not imagine living in another country. I hope I will never have to leave Poland.

How do you think your life will change after your country joins the EU?

I will be able to visit other European countries more easily, and at lower cost.

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