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Aged 26, Poland
Aged 27, Slovenia
Aged 27, Poland
Aged 26, Czech Republic
Aged 33, Slovakia
Aged 25, Hungary
From Vilnius, Lithuania


Jure Mlakar, aged 27, is a student leader at Maribor University of economic science in Slovenia.

What will your country contribute to the EU?

Our country can serve as a bridge between central and eastern Europe, and the best of the EU.

What is your biggest hope?

My biggest hope is that the enlarged EU will guarantee the human rights and basic needs of its citizens.

What is your biggest fear?

I have no fears. I live in a nice country. I think people should be optimists.

Which countries in Europe have you visited?

I have visited many countries - all of Austria and part of Italy, Heidelberg in Germany, and Amsterdam.

What do you admire about the existing EU?

The thing I admire most is its freedom. I also welcome the new markets it represents, and its open borders.

Will you consider emigrating?

I believe emigration will not be necessary. The last 50 years have been hard for us. Now it is time to build a future in our own country. We have the knowledge, the means and the time - I believe we can do it.

How do you think your life will change after your country joins the EU?

See my answer to question 2.

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