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Aged 26, Poland
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Aged 27, Poland
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Aged 25, Hungary
From Vilnius, Lithuania


Adrienn Rodl, aged 25, is a recent economics graduate, works in IT and lives in Budapest, Hungary.

What will your country contribute to the EU?

Our agriculture has been ruined so I think the only thing left is tourism, in particular tourism for people seeking to be healed or to recuperate in sanatoria, or attending conferences.

What is your biggest hope?

I hope that it will become easier to travel, and that salaries will reach the levels seen in the rest of Europe.

What is your biggest fear?

I think a day will come when the process of EU integration will stop - then the EU may start to disintegrate.

Which countries in Europe have you visited?

Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland.

What do you admire about the existing EU?

I do not admire anything really. It's a good question... nothing really.

Will you consider emigrating?

I considered it once, but now I only want to travel as a tourist. Some of my friends think about it, but not many.

How do you think your life will change after your country joins the EU?

I hope my that not just my life, but also my children's lives, will improve. I would like them to live according to EU standards.

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