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The Academy Awards have presided over plenty of changes in the movie industry during the 76 years of their existence.

From the late 1920s and the advent of sound to the 21st Century and the use of computer generated imagery, the passing decades have seen different cinema styles come and go.

Hollywood has maintained a consistent grip on the worldwide imagination, and European film, British movies and Bollywood have all been in the limelight, while entertaining their own audiences.

The fashion in Hollywood stars has also changed over the years - from the first global stars in the 1930s, through the glamorous 1950s and grittier 1970s, to today's actors and actresses and their love-hate relationship with the media.

And throughout it all the Oscars have been a marker for the state of cinema, usually rewarding movies, actors and directors for what have gone on to be lasting achievements. When the Academy missed the mark, it gave film historians useful pointers to film fashions of the time.

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