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A number of key figures in British cinema such as Michael Powell, David Lean, Thorold Dickinson and Carol Reed, exploded onto the scene during World War II.

The Rank Organisation began to expand, with a massive screen empire embracing the Gaumont British company - this included the Gainsborough Studios, the Odeon cinema circuit and Pinewood and Denham studios.

The Ealing Studio, under Michael Balcon, secured its place in film history with the start of comedies such as Passport to Pimlico, Whisky Galore and Kind Hearts and Coronets, all made in 1949.

At the 1941 Oscars ceremony Alfred Hitchcock missed out on the first of many Oscars.

British stage star Laurence Olivier transferred successfully to Hollywood, earning six nominations for his acting and directing.

The British Film Academy, later to become Bafta, was founded in the hotel suite of Michael Balcon at the Hyde Park Hotel on the 16 April 1947.


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