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The Associated British Picture Corporation and the Gaumont British Picture Corporation were founded, creating two of the key early British film studios.

The biggest British star of the era was Gracie Fields who made her screen debut in Sally in our Alley (1931).

The 39 Steps was released in 1935, marking the arrival of a giant talent in its director Alfred Hitchcock.

Hungarian born director Alexander Korda was one of the guiding forces of the British film industry through the decade and continued to influence the industry until his death in 1956.

After learning his craft in Austria, Germany and America, he created the London Films production company in 1933.

One of Korda's first films, The Private Life of Henry VIII, won an Oscar nomination as best picture and won the best actor prize for star Charles Laughton in 1933.

Two key institutions were founded in the 1930s - the British Film Institute and the National Film Archives.


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