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Timeline: Washington sniper killings
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First tarot card

Dear Mr Policeman, I am God"

People filling up at petrol stations were particularly targeted
A tarot card is left at the scene of the shooting of the schoolboy. It reads: "Dear Mr Policeman, I am God."

The card begins a series of exchanges between the killer or killers and the police who are hunting them. Investigators try to keep the card a secret, but information leaks out. Police chiefs struggle throughout the investigation to control information about the killings. Media interest is intense as the murders get blanket coverage on TV increasing the pressure on the police and at times making relations between the press and police fractious.

The targeting of a school sows deeper panic in the communities of the area. Norwood School in Montgomery County circulates this note to parents: "Students will remain indoors for recess... All entrance doors will remain locked. All field trips and sporting events will be cancelled until further notice."

The authorities increase the reward for information leading to the capture of the attacker to $237,000.

The sole witness to the shootings so far reports seeing two or perhaps three men firing from a slightly dented white lorry. Police are now checking all white lorries and are giving cleared ones orange stickers.


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