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Timeline: Washington sniper killings
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We feel very positive - we have the weapon, it is off the street

John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were arrested as they slept in their car
24 October
0100 local time

Police are called to a rest area on interstate route 70 in Virginia by a motorist reporting a car fitting the description issued on Wednesday.

A local state trooper confirms the vehicle's identity and a joint tactical response unit is sent to the rest area. A seven-mile (11km) stretch of road is closed and cordoned off.

0330 local time

Two men sleeping in the car are arrested without incident. Police refuse to confirm their identities, but describe the men as African-Americans, one aged about 40 and the other about 20.

Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley says the two are being questioned, while police seek to obtain further search warrants.

The men are eventually identified as John Allen Muhammad, 42, and his 17-year-old stepson John Lee Malvo (also known as Lee boyd Malvo).

Other alleged crimes:

  • The two men are later charged with a September 2002 murder in Louisiana of a shopkeeper after ballistics tests match the rifle used in the Washington killings to this crime.

  • Investigators in Tacoma, Washington State, believe that the two men are connected to the killing of Keenya Cook in February 2002.

  • Police in Lynnwood, Washington State, about 20 miles north of Seattle, investigate a connection between Mr Muhammad and shots that were fired at the police station in April 2000.

  • Police on the Caribbean island of Antigua investigate unsolved murders that occurred during Mr Muhammad's stay on the island in 2000 and 2001.


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