Plaid Cymru target seats

If Plaid Cymru under Ieuan Wyn Jones hopes to improve on its performance at the last general election in 2005, the 12 seats highlighted in the map and in the list below are those easiest for them to gain.

They are the Welsh seats where Plaid did not win in 2005, but were in second or third place.

The list is based on "notional" results, which provide an estimate of the 2005 election outcome, had recent constituency boundary changes been in force then.

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Plaid Cymru target seats (ordered by vulnerability)

2005 Results 2010 Results
No. Constituency 2005 Majority 2005 Party 2010 Party New majority
1 Ceredigion 0.6% LD   LD 21.8%
2 Arfon 1.8% LAB   PC 5.6%
3 Ynys Mon 3.5% LAB   LAB 7.1%
4 Llanelli 20.5% LAB   LAB 12.5%
5 Aberconwy 3.9% LAB   CON 11.3%
6 Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South 5.3% LAB   CON 8.5%
7 Cardiff West 22.2% LAB   LAB 11.6%
8 Gower 17% LAB   LAB 6.4%
9 Neath 35.5% LAB   LAB 26.3%
10 Clwyd South 19.8% LAB   LAB 8.2%
11 Bridgend 17.9% LAB   LAB 5.9%
12 Caerphilly 37.3% LAB   LAB 27.8%


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