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Councils A-Z

On the basis of results in 950 key wards, the BBC projects the national share of vote at a general election would be as follows: CON 40%, LIB DEM 27%, LAB 26%, OTH 7%.

The table below only refers to the council seats that were contested on 4 May.

  Councils Councillors
Party Net +/- Total Net +/- Total
Conservative 11 68 316 1830
Labour -17 30 -319 1439
Liberal Democrat 1 13 2 909
Residents Association 0 0 -13 35
British National Party 0 0 27 32
Green 0 0 20 29
Respect-Unity Coalition 0 0 13 16
Liberal 0 0 -2 8
Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern 0 0 1 5
SALT 0 0 0 3
Christian Peoples Alliance 0 0 2 3
UK Independence Party 0 0 0 1
Others  0 0 -50 108
No Overall Control  6 66 - -
After 176 of 176 councils declared

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Council Result
Adur CON hold
Amber Valley CON hold

Council Result
Barking & Dagenham LAB hold
Barnet CON hold
Barnsley LAB hold
Barrow-In-Furness LAB lose to NOC
Basildon CON hold
Basingstoke & Deane NOC hold
Bassetlaw CON gain from NOC
Bedford NOC hold
Bexley CON gain from LAB
Birmingham NOC hold
Blackburn With Darwen LAB hold
Bolton NOC hold
Bradford NOC hold
Brent LAB lose to NOC
Brentwood CON hold
Bristol NOC hold
Bromley CON hold
Broxbourne CON hold
Burnley NOC hold
Bury LAB lose to NOC

Council Result
Calderdale NOC hold
Cambridge LD hold
Camden LAB lose to NOC
Cannock Chase NOC hold
Carlisle NOC hold
Castle Point CON hold
Cheltenham NOC hold
Cherwell CON hold
Chester NOC hold
Chorley CON gain from NOC
Colchester NOC hold
Congleton CON hold
Coventry CON gain from NOC
Craven NOC hold
Crawley CON gain from LAB
Crewe & Nantwich NOC hold
Croydon CON gain from LAB

Council Result
Daventry CON hold
Derby LAB lose to NOC
Doncaster NOC hold
Dudley CON hold

Council Result
Ealing CON gain from LAB
Eastbourne CON hold
Eastleigh LD hold
Ellesmere Port & Neston LAB hold
Elmbridge NOC hold
Enfield CON hold
Epping Forest NOC hold
Exeter NOC hold

Council Result
Fareham CON hold

Council Result
Gateshead LAB hold
Gloucester NOC hold
Gosport CON lose to NOC
Great Yarmouth CON hold
Greenwich LAB hold

Council Result
Hackney LAB hold
Halton LAB hold
Hammersmith & Fulham CON gain from LAB
Haringey LAB hold
Harlow NOC hold
Harrogate CON lose to NOC
Harrow CON gain from NOC
Hart NOC hold
Hartlepool LAB hold
Hastings CON gain from NOC
Havant CON hold
Havering CON gain from NOC
Hertsmere CON hold
Hillingdon CON gain from NOC
Hounslow LAB lose to NOC
Huntingdonshire CON hold
Hyndburn CON hold

Council Result
Ipswich NOC hold
Islington LD lose to NOC

Council Result
Kensington & Chelsea CON hold
Kingston-Upon-Hull NOC hold
Kingston-Upon-Thames LD hold
Kirklees NOC hold
Knowsley LAB hold

Council Result
Lambeth LAB gain from NOC
Leeds NOC hold
Lewisham LAB lose to NOC
Lincoln LAB hold
Liverpool LD hold

Council Result
Macclesfield CON hold
Maidstone NOC hold
Manchester LAB hold
Merton LAB lose to NOC
Milton Keynes LD lose to NOC
Mole Valley CON gain from NOC

Council Result
Newcastle-Under-Lyme LAB lose to NOC
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne LD hold
Newham LAB hold
North East Lincolnshire NOC hold
North Hertfordshire CON hold
North Tyneside NOC hold
Norwich NOC hold
Nuneaton & Bedworth LAB hold

Council Result
Oldham LAB hold
Oxford NOC hold

Council Result
Pendle LD hold
Penwith NOC hold
Peterborough CON hold
Plymouth LAB lose to NOC
Portsmouth NOC hold
Preston NOC hold
Purbeck CON hold

Council Result
Reading LAB hold
Redbridge CON hold
Redditch LAB lose to NOC
Reigate & Banstead CON hold
Richmond-Upon-Thames LD gain from CON
Rochdale NOC hold
Rochford CON hold
Rossendale CON hold
Rotherham LAB hold
Rugby NOC hold
Runnymede CON hold
Rushmoor CON hold

Council Result
Salford LAB hold
Sandwell LAB hold
Sefton NOC hold
Sheffield LAB hold
Shrewsbury & Atcham CON gain from NOC
Slough NOC hold
Solihull CON hold
South Bedfordshire CON hold
South Cambridgeshire NOC hold
South Lakeland LD gain from NOC
South Tyneside LAB hold
Southampton NOC hold
Southend-On-Sea CON hold
Southwark NOC hold
St Albans LD gain from NOC
St Helens NOC hold
Stevenage LAB hold
Stockport LD hold
Stoke-On-Trent LAB lose to NOC
Stratford-On-Avon CON hold
Stroud CON hold
Sunderland LAB hold
Sutton LD hold
Swale CON hold
Swindon CON hold

Council Result
Tameside LAB hold
Tamworth CON hold
Tandridge CON hold
Three Rivers LD hold
Thurrock CON hold
Tower Hamlets LAB hold
Trafford CON hold
Tunbridge Wells CON hold

Council Result
Wakefield LAB hold
Walsall CON hold
Waltham Forest NOC hold
Wandsworth CON hold
Warrington LAB lose to NOC
Watford LD hold
Waveney CON hold
Welwyn Hatfield CON hold
West Lancashire CON hold
West Lindsey CON lose to NOC
West Oxfordshire CON hold
Westminster CON hold
Weymouth & Portland NOC hold
Wigan LAB hold
Winchester CON gain from NOC
Wirral NOC hold
Woking NOC hold
Wokingham CON hold
Wolverhampton LAB hold
Worcester CON hold
Worthing CON hold
Wyre Forest NOC hold


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