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Secondary schools in Cambridgeshire

This page shows schools and colleges ranked on the basis of their pupils' performance in A-level, AS-level and equivalent exams.

The results are the average points achieved per student. Smaller schools with fewer than 30 students taking the exams are not ranked, while results are not published at all for those with fewer than 11 students.

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  • Score out of max
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  • LA average
  • National average

Bar chart shows performance relative to the worst/best

What these figures mean

Sort by name Sort by GCSE % Level 2 CVA Sorted by A/AS average points Level 3 CVA
Perse School for Girls (IND) 0 NA 1149.9 1019.8
Hills Road Sixth Form College NA NA 986.9 1009.1
The Perse School (IND) 0 NA 979.6 1010.5
Mander Portman Woodward (IND) SS NA 904.4 1023.6
The Leys School (IND) 100 NA 874.3 1008.5
Wisbech Grammar School (IND) 99 NA 860.9 1011.4
Bellerbys College Cambridge (IND) 0 NA 850.3 SS
The King's School Ely (IND) 90 NA 846.3 1024.9
Kimbolton School (IND) 98 NA 838.7 1023
Impington Village College 60 1009.7 806.3 1030.5
St Mary's School (IND) 93 NA 794.5 1019.3
The Netherhall School 50 978.6 776 1007.4
Abbey College, Ramsey 47 981.2 768.7 998
Sir Harry Smith Community College 58 1003.7 766.5 956.1
St Neots Community College 30 962.9 752 976.3
Sawtry Community College 58 998.8 750.2 992.8
St Ivo School 60 991.1 735.9 1027
Long Road Sixth Form College NA NA 726.1 1028.6
Hinchingbrooke School 66 1009.9 725.6 1002.5
Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies (IND) 22 NA 699.4 1014.4
Longsands College 66 994.5 680.8 987
The Neale-Wade Community College 43 987.9 670.8 969.4
City of Ely Community College 39 1006.4 619.7 988.1
St Peter's School 42 1009.3 564.3 977.3
Cambridge Arts and Sciences Sixth Form and Tutorial College (IND) 0 NA 561.9 NA
Cambridge Regional College NA NA 559.9 995.7
Huntingdonshire Regional College NA NA 501.9 985.8

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