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Secondary schools in Shropshire

This is an alphabetical list. The columns show the proportion of pupils attaining five or more good GCSEs and equivalents at the end of Key Stage 4 including English and maths, the contextual value added measure (CVA) and the average A/AS-level points.

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Click on school name for details % Score Score
Access School (IND) NA NA NA
Adcote School for Girls (IND) 43 NA 922.5
Bedstone College (IND) 55 NA 668.1
Belvidere School 63 1010.7 NA
Bridgnorth Endowed School 48 1001.7 807.1
Church Stretton School 61 1007.3 NA
The Community College, Bishop's Castle 58 998.6 601.6
Concord College (IND) 89 NA 1022.1
Condover Horizon School (IND) NA NA NA
The Corbet School 64 1012.3 NA
David Banks School (IND) NA NA NA
Ellesmere College (IND) 82 NA 764.5
The Grange School 29 988.1 NA
The Grove School 44 992.5 685.3
Highlea School (IND) 0 NA NA
Idsall School 56 991.9 653.5
The Lacon Childe School 55 1004.8 NA
The Lakelands School Sports and Language College 55 1018.2 NA
Learning for Life Education Centre (IND) 0 NA NA
Ludlow Church of England School 56 1004.4 NA
Ludlow College NA NA 671.2
The Marches School and Technology College 70 1004.8 NA
The Mary Webb School and Science College 52 996.1 NA
Meole Brace School Science College 50 1012.1 NA
Moreton Hall School (IND) 83 NA 866.9
Oldbury Wells School 57 1011 679.2
The Orchard School (IND) NA NA NA
Oswestry School (IND) 71 NA 720.5
The Priory School 69 1011.5 NA
Rhyn Park School 44 1033.2 NA
Rubicon (IND) 0 NA NA
Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology NA NA 574.9
Shrewsbury High School (IND) 100 NA 876.9
Shrewsbury School (IND) 99 NA 873.3
Shrewsbury Sixth Form College NA NA 852.1
Sir John Talbot's Technology College 32 987.9 708.6
Sundorne School and Sports College 36 1012.8 NA
The Thomas Adams School, Wem 53 1013.5 745.7
The Wakeman School 43 990.3 NA
Walford and North Shropshire College NA NA 630.7
William Brookes School 56 1010.1 874.3
Young Options College (IND) 0 NA NA


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