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Secondary schools in Kirklees

This is an alphabetical list. The columns show the proportion of pupils attaining five or more good GCSEs and equivalents at the end of Key Stage 4 including English and maths, the contextual value added measure (CVA) and the average A/AS-level points.

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Click on school name for details % Score Score
All Saints Catholic College Specialist in Humanities 28 973.8 NA
Almondbury High School and Language College 28 990.3 NA
Batley Business and Enterprise College 32 981.5 NA
Batley Girls' High School 41 984.6 552.9
Batley Grammar School (IND) 94 NA 795.8
Birkdale High School 11 952.9 NA
Brian Jackson College of Open Learning (IND) NA NA NA
Castle Hall School 61 980.1 NA
Colne Valley High A Specialist Arts College 45 991.2 NA
The Community Science College at Thornhill 22 980.8 NA
Dewsbury College NA NA 477.3
Earlsheaton Technology College 36 981.9 NA
Edgerton College (IND) 0 NA NA
Fartown High School 37 1023.5 NA
Greenhead College NA NA 1067.4
Heckmondwike Grammar School (SEL) 100 1006 984.2
Holmfirth High School 66 1008.4 NA
Honley High School 58 995.5 NA
Huddersfield Grammar School (IND) 100 NA NA
Huddersfield New College NA NA 824.9
Huddersfield Technical College NA NA 610.6
Institute of Islamic Education (IND) 23 NA NA
Islamia Girls' High School (IND) 100 NA NA
King James's School 54 998.1 NA
Madni Muslim Girls' High School (IND) 70 NA NA
The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form 47 1013 688
Moor End Technology College 28 1005.5 NA
Newsome High School and Sports College 29 981.6 NA
Rathbone Choices (IND) NA NA NA
Rawthorpe High School 28 973.7 NA
Rosedale co Central Office (IND) NA NA NA
Royds Hall High School 36 1002.5 NA
Salendine Nook High School 53 992.6 NA
Shelley College, A Specialist Centre For Science 53 1007.3 825.2
Spen Valley Sports College 36 986.6 NA
St John Fisher Catholic High School 46 991.9 799.1
Westborough High School 29 993.1 NA
Whitcliffe Mount Specialist Business and Enterprise College 35 988.1 565.9
Zakaria Muslim Girls' High School (IND) 40 NA NA


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