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Secondary schools in Croydon

This is an alphabetical list. The columns show the proportion of pupils attaining five or more good GCSEs and equivalents at the end of Key Stage 4 including English and maths, the contextual value added measure (CVA) and the average A/AS-level points.

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Click on school name for details % Score Score
ALTE School (IND) 0 NA NA
Addington High School 27 997.8 NA
Al-Khair School (IND) 56 NA NA
The Archbishop Lanfranc School 35 1008.2 NA
Archbishop Tenison's CofE High School 69 1021.1 756.5
Ashburton Community School 21 1009.4 NA
BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology 53 1042.9 851.5
Cambridge Tutors College (IND) 0 NA 943
Coloma Convent Girls' School 86 1015.4 803
Coulsdon College NA NA 627.6
Coulsdon High School 32 994.1 NA
Croham Hurst School (IND) 92 NA 725.2
Croydon College NA NA 614.2
Croydon High School (IND) 100 NA 946.9
Edenham High School 41 959.4 NA
Haling Manor High School 18 1024.6 NA
Harris Academy South Norwood NA NA NA
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace NA NA NA
Harris City Technology College 80 1021.2 716.1
Hillcrest Mulberry School (IND) NA NA NA
Hillcrest Norwood (IND) NA NA NA
John Ruskin College NA NA 503
Kingsdown Secondary School (IND) NA NA NA
Lodge School (IND) 73 NA 682.5
Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for Girls 52 1003.6 NA
Old Palace School of John Whitgift (IND) 100 NA 929
Riddlesdown High School 63 991.1 NA
Royal Russell School (IND) 94 NA 844.8
Selhurst Mathematics and Computing Specialist School 27 999.1 NA
Selsdon High School 23 988.8 NA
Shirley High School Performing Arts College 53 997.5 NA
St Andrew's CofE Voluntary Aided High School 57 998.1 NA
St Joseph's College 63 988.9 637.3
St Marys Catholic High School 39 1013.8 NA
Thomas More Catholic School 35 995 NA
Trinity School (IND) 98 NA 954.6
Tudor Lodge School (IND) 0 NA NA
Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School 53 987 435.8
Westwood Language College for Girls 36 993.2 NA
Whitgift School (IND) 99 NA 1037
Woodcote High School 52 1004.7 NA


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