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Schools in Bristol, City of

This is an alphabetical list. The columns show the proportion of pupils attaining five or more good GCSEs and equivalents at the end of Key Stage 4 including English and maths, the contextual value added measure (CVA) and the average A/AS-level points.

Click the column headers to sort schools on the various results. Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils taking the exams are not ranked.

Click the name of a school for a page detailing its performance.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

School Sort
by CVA
by A/AS
% score score
Ashton Park School 34 994.9 638.9
Badminton School (IND, SEL) 100 n/a 1025.2
Bedminster Down School 24 997.4 n/a
Brislington Enterprise College 24 970.9 366.6
Bristol Cathedral School (IND, SEL) 74 n/a 832.4
Bristol Grammar School (IND, SEL) 99 n/a 881.5
Carmel Christian School (IND) n/a n/a n/a
The City Academy Bristol 18 1039.9 463.7
City of Bristol College n/a n/a 597.4
Clifton College (IND, SEL) 98 n/a 851.2
Clifton High School (IND, SEL) 89 n/a 697.2
Colston's School (IND, SEL) 87 n/a 775.9
Colstons Girls' School (IND, SEL) 97 n/a 773.6
Cotham School 65 1001.9 839.1
Fairfield High School 43 1043.5 n/a
Hartcliffe Engineering Community College 11 981 n/a
Henbury School 24 981.5 n/a
Hengrove Community Arts College 11 1001.6 n/a
Include Bristol (IND) n/a n/a n/a
Little Islands Henbury (IND, SEL) n/a n/a n/a
Monks Park School 20 990.2 n/a
Portway Community School 17 958.5 n/a
Prospect School (IND, SEL) 100 n/a n/a
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital (IND, SEL) 0 n/a 892
The Red Maids School (IND, SEL) 95 n/a 845.8
Redland 16-19 School n/a n/a n/a
Redland Green n/a n/a n/a
Redland High School For Girls (IND, SEL) 99 n/a 899.5
Speedwell Technology College 12 969.7 n/a
St Bede's Catholic College 65 1005.1 n/a
St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School 46 992 n/a
St Brendan's Sixth Form College n/a n/a 718.8
St Christopher's School (IND, SEL) n/a n/a n/a
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School 75 1006.7 761.2
St Ursula's High School (IND) 56 n/a n/a
Whitefield Fishponds Community School 22 974.6 n/a
Withywood Community School 16 983.3 n/a

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