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Schools in Manchester

This page shows schools in this area ranked on the proportion of pupils achieving the Level 2 threshold - equivalent to five GCSEs at grade C or above - including English and maths GCSEs.

Ties are broken on the average points score per student. Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils taking the exams are not ranked.

Click the name of a school for a page detailing its performance.

Click the various column headers to sort schools alphabetically or on their contextual value added (CVA) or A/AS-level results.

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% score score
Withington Girls' School (IND, SEL) 100 n/a 1181.7
Manchester High School for Girls (IND, SEL) 100 n/a 1045
Manchester Islamic High School for Girls (IND, SEL) 98 n/a n/a
St Bede's College (IND, SEL) 95 n/a 941.9
Chethams School of Music (IND, SEL) 92 n/a 712.3
Kassim Darwish Grammar School for Boys (IND, SEL) 88 n/a n/a
William Hulme's Grammar School (IND, SEL) 85 n/a 872.3
The King David High School 82 1018 783.1
Trinity CofE High School 57 1029.9 n/a
Parrs Wood High School 51 999.4 792.2
Levenshulme High School 41 998.5 n/a
The Barlow RC High School and Specialist Science College 40 982.6 n/a
Whalley Range 11-18 High School and Business and Enterprise College 38 1011.8 554.4
Chorlton High School 37 1017.8 n/a
Abraham Moss High School 33 1027.9 n/a
Burnage High School 33 997.8 n/a
Our Lady's RC Sports College 31 991.3 n/a
St Peter's RC High School Specialist College for Business and Enterprise 24 995.7 n/a
North Manchester High School for Girls 24 995.4 n/a
Plant Hill Arts College 23 1007.4 n/a
Manchester Academy 23 n/a n/a
St Matthew's RC High School 20 1002 n/a
St Thomas Aquinas RC High School 20 999.8 n/a
Wright Robinson Sports College 19 1020.2 n/a
North Manchester High School for Boys 19 992.8 n/a
Newall Green High School 17 1058.7 n/a
St Paul's Catholic High School 17 992.8 n/a
Cedar Mount High School 14 1015.1 n/a
Parklands High School 14 993.7 n/a
Brookway High School and Sports College 10 958.6 n/a
The Manchester Grammar School (IND, SEL) 0 n/a 1006.6

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