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Institutions in Bromley

This page shows schools and colleges ranked on the basis of their pupils' performance in A-level, AS-level and equivalent exams.

The results are the average points achieved per student. Smaller schools with fewer than 30 pupils taking the exams are not ranked.

Click the name of an institution for a page detailing its performance.

Click the column headers to sort schools alphabetically or on their contextual value added (CVA) or GCSE-level results.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

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% score score
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School (SEL) 100 1006.9 1061.2
Newstead Wood School for Girls (SEL) 100 1003.9 1010.9
Eltham College (IND, SEL) 96 n/a 917
Bromley High School (IND, SEL) 100 n/a 887
Bullers Wood School 62 1003.1 883.4
Darrick Wood School 59 997.3 826.7
Langley Park School for Boys 71 1023.4 781.5
Hayes School 67 1012.2 773.3
Langley Park School for Girls 70 999.6 696.2
Ravens Wood School 69 1012.7 695.5
The Priory School 28 1006.1 665.5
Beaverwood School for Girls 49 985 661.6
The Ravensbourne School 47 1042.3 599.3
Charles Darwin School 46 1007.4 590.6
Coopers Technology College 44 1006.3 586.6
Orpington College of Further Education n/a n/a 568.6
Bromley College of Further and Higher Education n/a n/a 553.9
Cator Park School 40 998.2 529.2
Kemnal Technology College 50 1006.4 493.5

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