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Primary schools in Poole
Schools are ranked on their "aggregate" scores - the total out of 300 across all three Key Stage 2 test subjects.

Ties are broken using pupils' average point scores.

Click the name of a school for a page giving more information.

VA = the "value added" progress measure
AGG = the aggregate score
APS = average points score per pupil

Click the Sort by name or VA column headers to sort the schools alphabetically or on their value added scores.

Click here for a fuller explanation of the figures.

Sort by name Sort by VA Sorted by AGG APS
Broadstone Middle School 99.8 280 29.7
Longfleet Church of England Voluntary Controlled Combined School 101.1 275 29.6
St Mary's Catholic Combined School, Poole 100.0 274 29
Baden-Powell and St Peter's Church of England Middle School 99.7 273 29.6
Oakdale South Road Middle School 100.1 266 28.9
Talbot Combined School 99.2 252 28.2
Haymoor Middle School 100.2 250 28.2
St Joseph's Catholic Combined School, Poole 99.9 248 27.6
St Aldhelm's Church of England Voluntary Aided Combined School 101.2 247 28.8
Hamworthy Middle School 100.0 245 28.1
Canford Heath Middle School 99.9 242 27.4
Turlin Moor Community Middle School 100.5 242 27.1
Bearwood Primary & Nursery School 99.4 217 26.7
Branksome Heath Middle School 99.1 216 26.4
Manorside Combined School 96.9 133 22.7

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