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Fin whales filmed with dolphins

17 August 09 17:55 GMT

Members of a sea wildlife charity are reporting seeing more and more fin whales off the Pembrokeshire coast.

The fin whale is the second largest living animal after the blue whale, and is an endangered species.

Little is known about its migration pattern, but in the last few weeks several fin whales have been spotted close to Strumble Head.

Sea Trust director Cliff Benson said a boat with a group of volunteers was surrounded by whales.

They filmed the whales as they were feeding on a shoal of mackerel.

He said: "We had blows all round the boat. Then they decided to investigate. At one point, we had three whales around the boat."

He said there was "a frisson" of excitement as one of the whales headed towards the boat.

He said: "It just came towards us. These things weigh weight 60 tons or more. It's 60-70ft long.."

The whale dived below the vessel, said Mr Benson.

He added: "It meant us no harm. We just happened to be in the way."

Sea Trust is a section of the Wildlife Trust S&W Wales.

In June this year, eight volunteer members filmed a "superpod" of around 1,500 dolphins off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

They came across the "mile-long wall of dolphins" near the Smalls Lighthouse in the Irish Sea.

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