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Model boat tribute to lifesavers

30 October 08 14:48 GMT

A model lifeboat, which symbolises the bravery of dozens of north Wales men, has returned home.

The Har-Lil was stationed at Rhyl for 22 and was launched 104 times saving 28 lives.

A model was built by former crew member Harry Hughes and bought by lifeboat fundraisers Edna and Peter Roose.

Now that the model has been returned to Rhyl lifeboat spokesman Paul Frost said he hoped to go for one last run in the real thing - which is being restored.

"I served on it from 1980 to 1990," said Mr Frost.

"I was the radio operator and my station was very cramped - so it wasn't the best place to be. But the Har-Lil was a very happy boat.

"We're very proud it was built by one of the former crew members and is now back with the station. "Harry came from a long line of lifeboatmen.

One of his ancestors was Joseph Hughes who was coxswain with his seven sons as the crew."

After being replaced in 1990 the Har-Lil was taken to the sea life centre in St David's and used as a children's activity.

It's now on the River Humber being renovated by a lifeboat enthusiast.

"It was a lovely boat," added Mr Frost.

"They're hoping to get it seaworthy enough for the old crew to go on another run."

Mr Frost said he was grateful to the Rooses - who ran a café in the town and spent years fundraising for the lifeboat. Mrs Roose decided to return the model following the death of her husband.

"We're delighted to have it back," he added.

"Their fundraising was instrumental in funding the RNLI pager system - which is now used nationwide."

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