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SNP wins control of Dundee City

30 March 09 18:00 GMT

The SNP has gained control of Dundee City Council for the first time in the party's history, ending almost 30 years of Labour rule.

The Nationalists took over from the previous Labour/Liberal Democrat administration at a special meeting.

Labour has been in power on the council for the past 29 years.

But a recent by-election win, and a decision by Lord Provost John Letford to leave Labour, allowed the SNP to gain power.

The by-election victory for the SNP gave them 14 of the 29 seats on Dundee City Council.

The decision by the lord provost to become an independent councillor left Labour with eight seats, the Conservatives three, the Liberal Democrats two and there are two independents.

Mr Letford said he would support the SNP's bid to take control of the council.

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